Black Rock Lodge: Sustainability Tour

black rock lodge solar panels wellness travelled eco hotel belize

It’s not very often you find a hotel where you can book a 1-hour onsite sustainability tour. At Black Rock Lodge, it’s easy to fill up an hour, if not more, discussing sustainability efforts with a tour guide. It’s pretty incredible how Black Rock Lodge has been able to create a sustainable experience deep in the Belize jungle without having to compromise on luxuries like a swimming pool and 4-course dinners.

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Kaana Belize luxury resort review wellness travelled 6

Review of Ka’ana Belize: Eco-Luxury at it’s finest

If you’re looking for an eco-luxury experience in the Belize jungle zone, Ka’ana is the place for you. We chose Ka’ana because of their sustainability initiatives and close proximity to the Mayan Ruins and town of San Ignacio. However, there is also plenty to do on-site. Here is our review of this Wellness Travelled approved resort:

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Travel Tips

Ultimate Eco Travel Packing Checklist: Beach Edition

Heading to the beach on your next vacation? Make sure you pack for the planet with these sustainable travel essentials. From ensuring you have a reusable straw for your Pina Colada or reef-safe sunscreen for your snorkel outing, this robust checklist will ensure you’re prepared for just about anything the beach might throw at ya!

Drag and drop the Sustainable Beach Vacation Packing List to your desktop or save to your phone:

Sustainable traveller ultimate packing check list

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Travel Tips

What is grounding and why you should try it on your next vacation:

grounding earthing health benefits vacation

What is grounding?

Grounding (also called Earthing) is nothing more than physically connecting to the earth. Sounds simple, right? Except everything in modern day life is designed to keep us from doing this. Dirt and grass has been replaced with concrete and asphalt, our jobs keep us indoors, and walking barefoot is not socially acceptable in many places.

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Travel Tips

How to do your first beach clean-up: 5 easy steps

how to do a beach clean up

We did our first “official” beach clean-up in Belize that past December. Before this I’d say we were classified as “beach(trash)combers”, picking up the odd straw and plastic bottle we saw on our walks. However, for Belize, we travelled there with the intention of dedicating time to picking up any trash we came across on our hikes and beach walks. We even created a social media “clean-up crew” by partnering with other travellers to do a clean-up with us at the same time.

So now we’re sharing with you what we learned from this experience and how you can get started on your first beach clean-up! Hot tip: it can actually be a fun and rewarding way to spend a few hours on your vacation!

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Thailand Karen Villages People Doi Inthanon


Most of the beautiful Thailand photos you see on Instagram are usually of the pristine beaches, elephant sanctuaries, uniquely designed hotels, and jaw-dropping limestone cliffs. So visiting Doi Inthanon National Park wasn’t even on our radar when we planned our 3-week trip. When we arrived in Thailand at one of the busiest times of year (Christmas), we hadn’t booked the entirety of our trip – leaving a little wiggle room for last minute spontaneous adventures. Turns out everyone else had made plans, leaving us to wander around Chiang Mai to find a hotel for New Years eve – the one night we hadn’t booked – oops!

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Travel Perspectives

What it’s like to skip Christmas and travel instead

Thailand Beach Christmas

Last year, after decades of celebrating Christmas with our friends and family, Sarah and I made the hard decision to skip the holiday and travel to Southeast Asia. We say it was hard because our Christmas traditions with friends and family are simply amazing. We have massive dinner parties, go out for drinks, and spoil each other with gifts. Some of my best memories involve sitting around the tree with our family, with cheesy Christmas music on in the background, the smell of coffee and cinnamon candles in the air, and hilariously ugly fleece PJ’s worn by all.   

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If you could be ONE animal which would you be?

You know how everyone has a “spirit animal”- that animal you feel you can relate to? I recently travelled to Central America to meet mine! A sloth! I had this vision in my head of how I thought a sloth would be. Slow, sleepy, and cute! Wow are they ever misinterpreted animals. They are a lot quicker than you’d think! They sleep a lot and their diet it typically made up of leafs. They live at the top of trees and commute to the bottom to do their business or to change trees when seeking a mate. Their nails and teeth are sharp! These help protect them from dogs and large jungle cats! Their bite is so dirty it can instantly create infection so tread lightly if you ever have an encounter with a sloth.

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Travel Tips

Everything you need to know before you try Goat Yoga

adorable goat yoga class in Toronto Ontario

Goat yoga has quickly become one of the hottest new yoga trends. Which is funny because for the most part, there’s not much yoga going on. After all, how can one maintain a steady downward dog… or should I say downward goat… when they’re surrounded by dozens of cute and cuddly animals. If you’re thinking of jumping on the goat yoga bandwagon but aren’t totally sure if it’s for you, here is our breakdown of what you need to know about this new craze.

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