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Travel Tips Toms of Maine

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It doesn’t matter how often you travel, everyone can benefit from reviewing these unique travel tips. Some of which you might not have heard of, and others that might be a good refresher. There is so much to think about before departure, it’s easy to forget things, from important airport protocols to your toothpaste. These travel tips will help you travel with ease and confidence. Furthermore, we included travel tips to make you a more sustainable traveler as well. Because, travel can only exist if we strive to protect the planet we want to explore. Lastly, we created a list of packing travel tips and a basic checklist so you don’t forget any essential items.

Sustainable Travel Tips that are Smart and Practical

  1. Hotels often provide you with lots of towels and even beach towels. More towels = more laundry = more water. Opt to use the same towels for at least a few days, instead of getting a new one every day, to conserve water.
  2. Instead of using small toiletries bottles, which can be quite wasteful, pack your own products. We always bring Tom’s of Maine products on our trips because they’re made with naturally-derived ingredients. When we get home, we recycle all our Tom’s of Maine products using their TerraCycle partnership. You can learn more about it here. If you are planning to do carry-on, place your products in TSA-approved reusable silicone tubes that are less than 100mL.
  3. Support hotels that have eco-certifications. For example, hotels that are LEED Certified meet strict standards for sustainable architecture design. We did a feature on eco-tourism destinations here if you want some inspiration.
  4. Always turn off your air conditioning and lights before you leave your room to conserve energy.
  5. Pack reusable items like travel mugs and water bottles to cut back on your waste. We have a list of our favourite zero waste travel products that you can read more about here.
  6. Carbon offset your flight. Some airlines let you offset your flight at checkout. If you don’t see this option there are plenty of other not-for-profits, like The Gold Standard, that offer carbon offsetting opportunities.
  7. If possible, book a direct flight instead of a layover. Layovers produce more emissions because most emissions happen at take-off and landing. This isn’t always possible based on your destination but it’s worth it when you have the option.
  8. A travel tip for those traveling longer than a week. You might run into a situation where you need to do some laundry. Pack eco-friendly and biodegradable laundry strips so you can do a small hand wash in the sink at your hotel.

Smart and Stress-free Airport Travel Tips

Photo Courtesy of Marco Lopez (Unsplash)
  1. This travel tip might sound obvious, but check your passport to ensure that it’s not expiring within 6 months of departure. Passport offices in some countries are delayed, so ensure you renew your passport well in advance of its expiry.
  2. Consider getting a credit card that offers airport perks. For example, some cards offer priority security, priority luggage, and priority boarding. Plus, some offer airport lounge access. All of these perks do 2 important things: reduce stress and time at the airport. Less lines, less waiting for baggage all add up to a more seamless travel experience.
  3. Ensure all the liquids in your carry-on are below 100mL and can fit into a medium-sized clear sealed bag. TSA will confiscate large bottles with liquids. When doing carry-on, we put our Tom’s of Maine toothpaste into a reusable silicone tube under 100mL. This way we get to use our favourite products on holiday and avoid purchasing expensive and wasteful travel products at the drugstore.
  4. Pack an empty reusable water bottle and fill it up once you get through security or on the plane. Now that COVID restrictions have eased up, airlines are now refilling guests’ water bottles again. This will save you money on water and is better for the environment. 
  5. Plan your transportation to and from the airport in advance to avoid being late. With ride-share apps you can book your ride well in advance to ensure someone is available, especially during the odd hours of the night. It’s also important to research ground transportation at your destination. Not all countries have ride-share apps or even a swath of taxi’s waiting to take you to your hotel. Book in advance to ensure you get a ride quickly and get the best rate.
  6. With the increase in lost luggage at airports, consider getting a luggage GPS tracker. They don’t cost much and will give you peace of mind knowing where your suitcase is located at all times. 
  7. Pack for comfort and warmth at the airport. It’s easy to clock over 5,000 steps at the airport. Wear comfortable shoes to avoid achy feet and blisters. It’s also important to wear layers of clothing. Planes can often be cold so we never wear flip flops and ensure we have a sweater. Tropical destinations can often heat up an aircraft so have a t-shirt on underneath your sweater. For longer flights we even pack a blanket for sleeping on the plane. Lastly, if your feet are prone to swelling on flights, don’t forget your compression socks and don’t over-consume salty foods.
  8. Pack ear plugs, neck rest, and an eye mask to get the most comfortable sleep possible on a flight.
  9. Pay to select your seats, especially on long flights. Comfort is key when flying so it’s always worth it to pay for an exit row to have extra legroom and avoid the middle seat.

Packing Travel Tips

  1. Place a luggage tag or other identifier on your suitcase. It’s not all that uncommon for someone to mistake their luggage for someone else’s.
  2. Trying to save money? Pack a carry-on to save on the fees for checking a bag.
  3. Packing cubes help keep your clothes organized and lets you squeeze more in your suitcase.
  4. Don’t want to leave home without your favourite products but need your liquids to be under 100mL? Get reusable silicone tubes and fill them with your favourite products. We love bringing our Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and mouth wash on all of our trips because they are made with naturally-derived ingredients.
  5. Never leave any valuables in your checked bag. Always keep it with you in your carry-on.
  6. Pack large reusable silicone bags. They always come in handy when purchasing liquid gifts you want to take home (i.e. Olive Oil from Italy). They’re also great to store wet bathing suits you didn’t have time to dry before returning home.
  7. It’s easy to drain phone and laptop batteries and not all planes have plugs. Pack a power bank to ensure you have enough juice for your electronics.

Basics Checklist for Before You Go

  1. Learn basic phrases in the native language(s) of your destination
  2. Look for ways to support the locals in your destination
  3. Look for eco-friendly hotels and attractions 
  4. Make a copy of your passport
  5. Check that your passport hasn’t expired
  6. Check for any regulations/VISA’S/vaccines required to enter the country you’re visiting
  7. Make sure all your carry-on liquids are below 100mL
  8. Check for any travel perks you might have with your credit cards and USE THEM
  9. Send your hotel address and itinerary to a friend or family member before you go
  10. Keep a log of all your confirmation numbers on your phone in the Notes app incase you don’t have the internet to check emails.

We hope that these travel tips will help you prepare for your next trip so that you can travel smarter, stress-free, and sustainably.

Have more tips you want to share? Let us know in the comments so we can add to our list of travel tips.

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