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2021 has been filled with stories of unusual and extreme weather events, largely due to climate change. We know that these stories can make people feel helpless, but we’re here to tell you there are some easy ways you can make a big difference – and it simply starts with how you save, spend, and invest your money.

What we do with our money can have a direct and positive impact on the environment. So, here are 4 ways you can put your money where your values are – and have a greener future part of your ROI.


One of the easiest ways to invest in a greener future is through BMO Clean Energy ETF. If you’re unsure about what an ETF is, you might want to first read our beginner guide to ETFs. If you are familiar with ETFs, then you know that ETFs allow people to invest in what they are passionate about because each ETF fund invests into very specific mega trends (i.e. clean energy, genomics, next gen internet). That’s why we love the BMO Clean Energy ETF because we can easily invest in a greener future.

More specifically, BMO Clean Energy ETF (ticker: ZCLN) invests in companies that are involved in clean energy related businesses, such as technology and equipment. It is an easy investment option for anyone who values having a cleaner earth for future generations and wants their investments to align with those values.

So why not just invest into a specific clean energy company stock?

Well, ETFs are lower risk than stocks because they are diversified making it an easier, and more stress-free option.

Isn’t this just for people with large amounts to investment?

ETF’s are for everyone! BMO Clean Energy ETF is an easy investment option because you don’t need a large capital to get started. It can be purchased in small amounts so almost anyone can participate. Furthermore, they have low management and commission fees, further reducing the barrier to entry for those just wanting to get their feet wet in investing. 

So, why BMO over another financial institution’s ETF?

BMO ETFs are where innovation meets investing, partnering with Canadians to change investing for the better. BMO are leaders in Responsible Investing with a portfolio of solutions and a long track record in active ownership that stands out from the crowd.

They take their responsibility seriously and that includes considering the impact of their investments on society and the environment (In fact, they have another investment product you might be interested in called the BMO Balanced ESG ETF (ticker: ZESG) that focuses on responsible investing. You can learn more about it here.)

Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing BMO is one of Canada’s leading ETF providers for over 12 years and are always designed to stay ahead of market trends.


If you’re investing in clean energy ETFs, support your investments by applying clean energy practices to your home. Its easier than ever to find renewable energy sources for the home either through green municipal energy carriers or DIY home add-ons like solar panels.

There are lots of other easy and low cost home investments that can have a positive impact on the environment. Our personal favourites are: composting, converting all lights to energy-efficient LED bulbs, and installing low flow toilets and taps to conserve water. These home updates can also save lots of money on your monthly utility bills – making it a good investment for the environment and your wallet.


We all know how important it is to support our local businesses. But shopping local also helps the environment. For example, buying local apples grown in Canada can help to conserve fuel because it reduces the distance it needs to travel by truck/plane/boat to get to your door.

Also, the closer you buy, the less fuel you personally use during your shopping trip. Investing in local means you will save money on gas and help to reduce air pollution. Tip: try to walk or cycle instead of using a car for smaller shopping trips.


Investing in good quality reusable products instead of one-time-use products is an easy way to save money and help the environment. In this case, it’s all about the small savings. Discounts on coffee for bringing in your reusable mug, not having to pay for plastic bags at the grocery store, or bringing your own water bottle to save on buying plastic bottles.

There are lots of starter kits out there to help people get started on their lower waste journey. It might seem like a big investment upfront, but you can see the ROI fairly quickly. For example: one reusable water bottle might cost $30-$50 but if you were to instead purchase 100 single-use plastic bottles a year at the convenience store, you’d be out $100-$200. Furthermore, you’re investing in a greener future with less waste.

In Conclusion:

A greener future can be as simple as how we invest our money. Whether you’re investing in the market, investing in your home, or your community – you can make your money a force for good.

For more information on BMO Clean Energy ETFs and how you can started on your green investment journey, head here.

-Christine and Sarah

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