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Wellness Travelled is a blog that inspires people to not just be “well-travelled” but to travel well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to make thoughtful decisions that are kind to themselves and the planet. Whether it’s promoting ethical animal tourism, eco-friendly hotels, plant-based restaurants, spas, or zero waste travel products, Wellness Travelled can give you the tools you need to be more environmentally and health conscious.

The Founders

The founders, Christine and Sarah, are sisters, best friends, business partners, and the ultimate travel buddies. They both share a unique passion not just for traveling, but using their precious time away from work to enrich their lives in a positive way….from learning to scuba dive – to practicing yoga by the oceanside – to volunteering at a local animal sanctuary… and who knows what’s next.

Christine MacLean

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Christine boasts a decade of experience in marketing and advertising with Toronto’s premier ad agencies. Yet, her zeal for healthy living and community service guided her to content creation at the renowned SickKids Foundation.

Now, she channels her enthusiasm into her venture, Wellness Travelled, relishing her new role as a full-time entrepreneur. Every day, she’s driven to inspire and equip individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle, both locally and during travels.

A few tidbits about Christine: she’s a night school-trained holistic nutritionist (RHN), and an aficionado of yoga, paddle boarding, and scuba diving.

Sarah MacLean

Co-Founder and Travel Agent

After graduating from university, Sarah faced a crossroads: dive into a career or chase her travel dreams. Her sister’s sage advice introduced a third path – combining both passions by becoming a travel agent. Thriving in this role, Sarah explored 35 countries and became a top sales consultant at Flight Centre in Canada.

However, the pandemic paused her travels. Seizing this interlude, Sarah pivoted to content creation. With her entrepreneurial spirit, honed from two years as an independent travel agent, she founded Wellness Travelled. Her mission? Educating travelers on maximizing their experiences while emphasizing sustainability and well-being for all involved.