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beautiful yoga platform in Nicaragua

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Imagine this: you’re sitting on your private deck surrounded by lush natural forest, the sun is peeking over the mountainside, the waves are crashing into shore, and you’re drinking organic Nicaraguan coffee wondering, “is this even real or am I still dreaming?”. When out of nowhere a family of monkeys decide to put on a private Cirque de Soleil show for you. 20 feet above your head, dozens of monkeys swing from branch to branch, except for a baby monkey who clutches to momma monkeys back. They pay no mind to you because you offer them no bananas. And now it’s almost 8am and you must make the hardest decision of the day: continue watching the monkey’s or head to the panoramic oceanview yoga platform for a Vinyasa class with star instructor, Chloe (@avecchloe). Mornings sure are rough at Aqua Nicaragua. 

Aqua Nicaragua (or heaven on earth as I so modestly call it) is the epitome of the ever-growing hybrid of luxury boutique resort meets eco-wellness retreat. 

Aqua Nicaragua (or heaven on earth as I so modestly call it) is the epitome of the ever-growing hybrid of luxury boutique resort meets eco-wellness retreat. For starters, you’re accommodation is an actual treehouse. But this ain’t your childhood rinky-dink backyard treehouse. The secluded treehouses are scattered throughout the forest, to not only ensure minimal impact on the ecosystem but also provide outstanding views of the ocean, sunset, and mountainside.stunning aqua Nicaragua treehouse  

The treehouses include a private pool, massive deck, king size bed, floor to ceiling wood fixtures, a rain shower, and fresh organic coffee, which is replaced daily in a reusable tin. treehouse plunge pool nicaragua

They provide biodegradable toiletries to help protect their fragile septic system and strongly advise guests against using chemical-based products. Some of the larger treehouses are equipped with a full kitchen and multiple bedrooms, which is great for families. Aqua Wellness Resort thought of every detail when it comes to sustainability – right now to the privacy door hangers that are made of wood! eco-friendly privacy sign nicaragua

Aqua Wellness is nestled in a small beach cove (Think Maya Beach, Thailand) called Redonda Bay, where you have the luxury of your very own private beach (called Playa Gigante), shared only with the other Aqua Wellness Resort guests. You rarely see a boat pass by, which ensures peace and quiet from loud motors and the smell of boat exhaust. It also makes for a peaceful and safe space to paddleboard, kayak, or snorkel. paddleboarding with stunning view of nicaragua ocean The resort offers these activities complimentary. They also offer guided hikes up the side of the mountain, offering stunning views at the top. I highly recommend getting a guided tour and going at sunset or sunrise; it’s not an easy route to do on your own, especially in the 40 degree afternoon heat (oops! live and learn!). The beach itself offers a quiet space to reflect, read, or connect with other guests. beach hammock sunset aqua nicaragua

Lounge chairs and hammocks are sprinkled across the fine sand, and a strategically-placed wooden swing offers instrammers the perfect beachside swing shot. 

Aqua Nicaragua beach instagram-worthy best swing

You rarely see a boat pass by, which ensures peace and quiet from loud motors and the smell of boat exhaust.

Speaking of epic instagram shots, you will find no shortages of these at the yoga platform, built into the mountainside for optimal views of the ocean and beach.

aqua nicaragua best yoga platform word yoga platform yoga pose nicaraguaI’ve never seen such a perfectly placed yoga platform. So what are the classes like? Well, for starters, imagine yourself in Natarajasana (dancer’s pose) and using the ocean as your Drishdi (focus point) while the setting sun bathes the wooden floors – and your yoga mat. panoramic sunset yoga platform nicaragua

With 30 degree+ weather, it may be reminiscent of a hot yoga class but with a calm ocean breeze to keep you from becoming a sweaty mess.The instructor, @AvecChloe, teaches at a pace to challenges you’re  beginner or advanced. Aqua Wellness Resort offers complimentary classes in the morning and evening throughout the week and offers private sessions for an additional cost. For those trying to conserve space in their carry-on, Aqua Wellness resort offers complimentary mats, blocks and straps. Aqua also hosts retreats, if you’re looking for a more yoga-focused experience on your next getaway. Or, if you’re on a budget, download a few at-home yoga videos and use the platform to practice on your own.

With 30 degree+ weather, it may be reminiscent of a hot yoga class but with a calm ocean breeze to keep you from becoming a sweaty mess.

Aqua Wellness Resort knows how to please their health conscious clientele by offering them an abundance of healthy options at their beachside restaurant and bar. aqua Nicaragua healthy menu

I religiously ordered a green or papaya smoothie at the quaint beachside bar where shirts and shoes were optional. Aqua Nicaragua beach papaya smoothie vegan

For lunch I often had one of their healthy salad bowls (quinoa, avocado, tomato, beets, carrots, etc).

aqua nicaragua healthy vegetarian bowl

The dinner menu has a robust offering of vegan and vegetarian options, as well as western and local favourites that skew more towards seafood dishes. 

I religiously ordered a green or papaya smoothie at the quaint beachside bar where shirts and shoes were optional.

But what about breakfast? The most important meal of the day! Well, my most fond memory at Aqua Wellness Resort eating breakfast. Why? I was finally able to escape my rushed morning routine where I would often spend five minutes scarfing down a bowl of cereal or smoothie before heading out the door. Instead, I was able to slow down my morning routine to a pace similar to that of an old sloth. Starting as early as 5:30am I would slowly wake up and brew some fine Nicaraguan coffee in my treehouse. aqua nicaragua treehouse morning coffee deck

As I sat on the private deck with coffee in hand and feet in pool, I had a rare moment to fully enjoy the present. I was able to hear the birds chirping, dried-out branches cracking, ocean waves crashing, and leaves rustling as the monkeys passed by. It was like the forest was playing a symphony just for me. I would then leisurely stroll to yoga at 8am, only to return for phase two of my morning breakfast routine. aqua nicaragua breakfast plunge pool treehouse

I made my homemade cereal and sipped on another cup of coffee in full appreciation of the luxury I had in front of me: The world had gone silent and Mother Nature had the floor. And what she had to say was utterly beautiful. Sometimes all it takes is a little homemade breakfast – and some time to listen – to appreciate the smaller things in life. 





  1. Close to Costa Esmerelda airport. I recommend flying into Liberia, Costa Rica and then taking a 30 minute puddle jumper plane to this tiny airport. I used Sansa Airlines. Flights are approximately $55, which is cheaper than a cab ride. Because the plane fly’s so low to the ground, I felt like I was like getting a semi private plane tour of Nicaraguas Emerald Coast, which is absolutely breath-taking. 
  2. Private beach (not crowded or noisy)
  3. Healthy restaurant onsite (think smoothies, juices, bowls, vegan friendly)
  4. Panoramic oceanview yoga platform
  5. Activities: kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, snorkel gear, free yoga, paid yoga private lessons
  6. Hiking trail ($30 USD for guided hike – highly recommend to go guided)
  7. Wildlife sightings: monkeys swinging by your treehouse in the AM 
  8. Accommodation is literally a treehouse, some of which have a private pool and ocean views 
  9. Spa that uses local organic products
  10. Filtered water provided to guests
  11. Eco-conscious resort (fresh coffee delivered daily in a reusable container, treehouses are integrated into landscape i.e. imagine a tree coming up through your balcony instead of chopping it down)
  12. Free wifi – but of course, try not to use it!


  • Bring your own breakfast. Breakfast isn’t included in with the stay, so I brought my own homemade cereal mix, not just to cut back on costs but also to ensure I stay “regular” while on my trip. 
  • If you’re traveling with just a carry-on, ask your driver to stop at the grocery/convenience store on the way from the airport where you can pick up milk alternatives like soy milk. The rooms are equipped with refrigerators. 
  • Do your own yoga.The yoga platform was open for recreational use for most of the day (check weekly Aqua yoga schedule for when it’s in use). I downloaded 6 at-home yoga videos on my iPad (Seane Corn: Detox Flow Yoga) and used them throughout my trip to keep up my yoga practice without having to spend money on private lessons (of course I would love private lessons but I was on a tight budget)


  • Homemade breakfast cereal 
  • Snacks (i.e. to bring on a hike)
  • Re-usable Water bottle 
  • Several yoga outfits (you will get sweaty!)
  • Hiking shoes
  • iPad with yoga and mediation videos downloaded
  • Eye mask and ear plugs if you’re sensitive to light or sounds (the jungle can be loud at times)
  • Light sweater for nighttime 
  • Soy milk for your morning coffee
  • Travel reusable straw
  • All-natural skincare and toiletries to preserve their eco-friendly septic system
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