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Situated in the historic village of Deia, Belmond La Residencia is a truly unique hotel experience. Beyond the 5-star treatment, you’re staying at a hotel built in the mountains, offering jaw-dropping views from the rooms and dining area. Not to mention the aesthetically elegant architecture that seamlessly blends in with the surrounding village. Belmond’s desire to maintain the beauty of Deia goes far beyond the architecture. Their sustainable efforts show that they want to support their community for the long term, as well as protect the nearby Mediterranean sea.

belmond la residencia mallorca pool

Here are some of the top sustainable efforts going on at Belmond La Residencia Mallorca:

  • Belmond is part of the UK-based Sustainable Restaurant Association, which means they purchase as much food as possible from local, sustainable sources.
  • They produce their own olive oil in collaboration with a cooperative in Sóller, Mallorca.
  • They have a large organic herb garden, as well as citrus orchards and other fruit trees, which can all be used for the onsite restaurants
  • In 2019 they set up their own compost to reduce food waste
  • They have started to implement solar lights in certain areas of the hotel
  • They have changed the treatment of the water in the swimming pools of the hotel from chlorine to salt. (note: salt converts to chlorine but at much lower levels than industrial chlorine)
  • There are 5 resident donkeys that help with the olive harvest and clear the grounds. One of them was rescued as a baby with a broken leg. They are part of the Residencia family and very well looked after. The hotel lets guests walk with the donkeys along a trail and through the onsite olive groves once a week.
  • all departments recycle paper, plastic and glass
  • All of Belmond’s staff are given reusable stainless steel water bottles

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belmond la residencia mallorca spa

Community Initiatives:

  • Belmond La Residencia makes yearly donations to different organizations, for example: ONDINE, Aspanob and the JoyRon Foundation.
  • There is an ongoing “Adopt an Olive Tree campaign” to raise funds for renovation of mountain olive groves
  • They make annual donations to the local Deiá cycling school, a local football club and several groups of the local community to support different sports & music events as well as festivities
  • They offer a Biannual Art Prize (George Sheridan) to support local artists in their careers
  • They are a sponsor of DEIA CULTURAL and providing 2 of their concerts at the hotel
  • Every year they support a local organization (RANA) working to fight against child abuse
  • They have an annual Charity Concert to raise funds for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in Anantapur, India
  • Beyond all these amazing initiatives the hotel is in a perfect location – close the mountains and the sea. It has all of the luxuries you expect from a 5-star hotel: spa, pools, onsite fine dining, and great service.

belmond la residencia mallorca hotel


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belmond la residencia mallorca hotel

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