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Everything you need to know before you try Goat Yoga

adorable goat yoga class in Toronto Ontario

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Goat yoga has quickly become one of the hottest new yoga trends. Which is funny because for the most part, there’s not much yoga going on. After all, how can one maintain a steady downward dog… or should I say downward goat… when they’re surrounded by dozens of cute and cuddly animals. If you’re thinking of jumping on the goat yoga bandwagon but aren’t totally sure if it’s for you, here is our breakdown of what you need to know about this new craze.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Scroll down to the top 5 MUST-KNOW list.

adorable goat yoga Toronto Ontario

So what exactly is goat yoga?

At it’s core, goat yoga is a way to amplify the health benefits of traditional yoga by introducing another form of therapy into the mix – pet therapy. Scientific studies have shown that interacting with friendly animals can help with many health issues; it can help reduce blood pressure, stress, and anxiety, to name a few known benefits. Goats are calm, even-tempered, social and adorable animals, making them the ideal companion for those who might need a little pet therapy. On an even deeper level goat yoga can promote respect for all animals, allows people to connect with nature, and invokes a sense of living in the moment.

goat yoga snuggle

What do the goats do while I’m doing yoga?

Be prepared to have goats snuggle beside you, nibble on your hair, climb on your back, poop near you, make cute BAHHH sounds, and above all else, melt your heart. It’s really that simple.

I don’t do yoga – will it be too hard for me?

We can only speak for the class we took, but in general, the classes should be beginner level because you don’t want anyone falling out of a headstand onto a baby goat. Goat safety first! Email ahead if you’re worried about keeping up, but we get the sense that all goat yoga classes keep it light and easy because there is so much focus on the goats.

goat yoga pose

Is it safe for the goats?

When doing any form of animal tourism, our first concern is always “are the animals best interests at heart”. Unfortunately there has been some negative press about goat yoga recently as people have tried to make financial gain off of this craze without the animals best interests at heart. However, you will notice that a lot of the goat yoga “studios” (AKA barns) are run by farm sanctuaries and hobby farms. The money is often used to support the farms. The funds from the goat yoga we attended rescue their goats from neglected homes or rescue them from animal auctions where they would otherwise be sent for slaughter.

It’s important to choose a “studio” that put the goats well-being above all else. Ask: where do the animals live? how often they on the road (if at all)? Does the farm sell the goats when they not babies anymore? Do the animals look well-fed and cared for? Never feel bad for asking uncomfortable questions.

goat yoga outdoors

What do I wear and bring?

Standard yoga attire, a water bottle, yoga mat, and an open mind. It is important to note that goat yoga is often outside on a grassy field or in a barn with straw floors. Consider bringing clothes and a mat you don’t mind getting a little dirty. If the class is indeed outside, check the weather to see if you’ll need a jacket or sunscreen.

Do the goats actually pee and poo during the yoga?

Yes, it happens. Don’t expect potty trained goats.

What yoga studio do you recommend?

We chose FoxDen Yoga because they are Health Canada certified and they work with Triple C Farm Private Livestock Sanctuary in Ancaster, Ontario, where the goats are mostly rescues. They travel with the goats locally and limit the traveling to 1-2 times a week in the summer and fall. The rest of the time they chill out on the farm. FoxDen Yoga is offering classes this fall at Triple C Farm, as well as 2 classes in Burlington, and a special Halloween class at Pioneer Village in Toronto.


  1. Choose a yoga studio that puts the goats welfare above all else
  2. Bring a yoga mat and yoga clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. We like the eco-friendly and easy to clean Manduka 100% natural mat
  3. don’t be scared off if you’ve never done yoga; the classes are usually about 20% beginner yoga and 80% goat cuddles.
  4. If the “studio” is outdoors, check the weather before you go and dress accordingly
  5. Be prepared to have goats snuggle beside you, nibble on your hair, climb on your back, poop near you, make cute sounds, and above all else, melt your heart

Have you done goat yoga before? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Spread the goat love and share this article on social.

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