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What is grounding and why you should try it on your next vacation:

grounding earthing health benefits vacation

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What is grounding?

Grounding (also called Earthing) is nothing more than physically connecting to the earth. Sounds simple, right? Except everything in modern day life is designed to keep us from doing this. Dirt and grass has been replaced with concrete and asphalt, our jobs keep us indoors, and walking barefoot is not socially acceptable in many places.

Why is it so good for you – the science:

Our bodies make their own electricity (electrons, protons, and neutons). However, modern technology can throw electrical energy off, which can cause a variety of health issues. Luckily, the earth’s surface contains a vast supply of electrons and connecting with these electrons can help bring us back to a balanced state. In fact, studies have shown it can help with sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, heart disease, weakened immune system, and can even help prevent osteoporosis.

Practicing Grounding on vacation:

We always advocate for purposeful and meaningful vacations by setting an intention for the trip (the same you would do at the start of a day or yoga class). If your vacation intention is wellness related, we recommend grounding become a part of your daily routine, especially if you’re travelling somewhere with easy access to nature (i.e. a beach vacation might be easier than if you were going to New York City).

Grounding vacation ideas:

  • walk barefoot in the sand
  • walk barefoot along some smooth rocks
  • go for a swim in the ocean or lake
  • meditate on grass or in a forest without sitting on a mat or towel
  • try gardening or picking wild flowers without gloves on
  • practice some of your yoga poses directly on the ground
  • touch tree trunks and leaves while you go for hikes/walks
grounding earthing rocks health benefits
Grounding attempt to cure our jetlag by lying on some hot rocks in northern California


Grounding and jet lag:

While there is not the same mounting scientific evidence to support this particular benefit of grounding, a friend once told me she lays on a rock, grass, sand, or swims in the ocean when she travels to help her body connect to the time zone in that particular city and thus reduce jet lag. I tested this in California where the time was 3 hours behind and was able maintain a healthy sleep schedule for the duration of the trip. Give it a go and see if it works for you.

Lucky for Sarah and I, we grew up rolling around in the mud, swimming in lakes, and walking barefoot in the sand. As our time spent in nature has decreased over the years, we can feel our bodies craving to go back. I now realize this craving is our body yearning (if not screaming) for the health benefits nature provides. If you’re concerned about maintaining optimal health like we are, instead of focusing so much on the gym, supplements, or kale smoothies, remember that getting in touch with nature (pun fully intended) can be just as beneficial, if not more.

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