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Stay healthy fit on vacation tips wellness travel yoga

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Our blog is called “Wellness Travelled” so it’s about time we shared our secrets to staying healthy while travelling. Staying healthy while you travel can be tricky but after 15+ years of travel and over 50 countries combined, we’ve mastered the art of maintaining a healthy balance on the road. Here are our top 7 health + wellness tips that have kept us feeling amazing and “zen” during our vacations. 


1. Download an exercise or yoga app on your phone or iPad 

One way to stay healthy while travelling is to incorporate exercise into your day. Since guided exercise isn’t always available on holiday, we keep some fitness apps on our phones. For example, we love doing yoga each morning but if our hotel doesn’t have morning classes, we love to practice yoga on our hotel room balcony or meditate on the beach using the BullDog Yoga app. You can try out the app for FREE for the first month!  Get 50% Off your 2nd Month of Bulldog Yoga after the 30-day free trial with our code 50OFFWELLNESS

Stay healthy and fit on vacation tips wellness travel
No yoga platform, no problem. Yoga apps let us practice anywhere, anytime.


2. Include healthy activities into your vacation plans

Vacation is your chance to burn calories without having to visit a gym. Depending on where you are travelling to, plan for a few active excursions to keep you moving, whether it be hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, paddle boarding, or simply walking on the beach to get to the bar. 😉 Choose an activity you’re genuinely excited about so it doesn’t feel like a chore (like the gym might!).



3. Consider booking a wellness hotel

Choose a hotel that is 100% dedicated to your wellness. These wellness hotels will often have incredible spa services, healthy food options served at their restaurants, have a gym, exercise classes, yoga, and other spiritual activities, and are usually located in areas that allow you to connect with nature. Some of our favourite wellness hotels also have strong sustainability efforts because we can’t be healthy without a healthy planet. If you’re interested in a wellness hotel – let Sarah book it for you (she’s a wellness travel expert and travel agent) and get $50 off your first booking of a flight and hotel.

4. Give your immune system a “boost” before you travel

A week or two before departure, try incorporating a few extra good habits into your daily routine that benefit your immune system: get ample sleep, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, try to have a positive attitude (mind over matter!), consume foods high in zinc and protein (they both support the immune system), and exercise moderately.

5. Cure jet lag with “grounding”

Jet Lag impairs sleep which can impair your immune system and your overall vacation good vibes. While there is not the same mounting scientific evidence to support this tip, anecdotal evidence shows that grounding (connecting with the earth) can cure jet lag. Laying on a rock, grass, sand, walking barefoot, or swimming in the ocean can help the body connect to your time zone, thus reducing jet lag. You can learn more about grounding here.

Grounding Earthing Wellness Travel Tips Healthy
I’m not dead 😉 just grounding in Portugal after some major jet lag.



6. Research healthy restaurants and local markets before your trip

Before you visit a new country, do a bit of research on healthy restaurants in the area – and make a few reservations. Are you a mega planner? You can even use the Google Maps custom map feature to pinpoint where the healthy restaurants are in relation to your hotel. The Happy Cow is always a great site for finding vegetarian restaurants around the world. Our you can check out our travel guides for some of our fave healthy restaurants in various countries we’ve visited.

Stay healthy and fit on vacation tips wellness travel food
We found this market near our hotel on Google before we arrived in Belize

7. Protect your gut

We’ve all heard countless stories of people getting food poisoning on vacation. Or even simply being constipated from the changes in eating patterns. To help protect your digestive health we recommend:

  • taking probiotics before, during and after your trip.
  • bring high fibre snacks or cereal and consume daily. Our Travel Cereal Recipe works wonders to keep us regular.
  • In areas with limited clean drinking water, use a water bottle with a built-in filter like the Senda WAYFAERER, LifeStraw or the Berkey Sport Water Bottle and stick to cooked foods.
  • Don’t be afraid to eat raw fruit and vegetables while you travel – they are good for you. We have eaten raw fruit and vegetables in over 30 countries and in that time Sarah had food poisoning once and Christine zero times. Don’t ruin your vacation by being afraid of all food, just use common sense.


How do you stay healthy while travelling? Let us know in the comments! Help us spread the word on wellness travel and share this post on your social channels.

-Christine and Sarah

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