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How to Book Parc Omega: Everything You Need to Know

How to book Parc Omega

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Parc Omega is a wildlife sanctuary in Montebello, Quebec, just one hour from Ottawa, Ontario. Open to the public, you can stay at Parc Omega in one of their on-site accommodations, or just visit for the day. Known for its incredibly vast wildlife, Parc Omega is home to animals such as deer, caribou, several species of wolves and foxes, bear, moose and several rodents. If you visit Parc Omega, you can drive through the park’s 12 km car trail (1.5 hours approximately) and enjoy seeing various animals that call Parc Omega home. There are also hiking trails, lookout points, an on-site restaurant and the Park House where you can grab food, drinks and souvenirs.

How to book a stay at Parc Omega

How to book Parc Omega
The Wolf Lodge at Parc Omega

We hear it all the time, “it’s fully booked” “it’s impossible to book a stay” … etc, etc. It’s true, stays in Parc Omega’s on-site lodging are very hard to snag. There are not a lot of accommodations on site so when availability opens up, accommodations book up fast, especially with the wolves. Here are some tips for booking a stay at Parc Omega.

  • Book early! Wolf lodges book out 6-8 months in advance. The sooner you book and the further out you book, the more likely you are to be able to get availability for your exact dates.
  • Be flexible. Flexibility in your dates is critical. You might have to visit mid-week or a few days earlier or later based on availability.
  • Call to book. Calling the reservation line may help you get a booking. Cancellations are common since people book very far in advance and Parc Omega’s staff might be able to put you on a waitlist for any openings.
  • Consider different accommodation types. The wolf lodges are the most sought after accommodations at Parc Omega. But there are also pods, cabin campsites, tipis and more! For tips on how to book the wolf lodges click here.

Best time to visit Parc Omega

We always recommend weekday visits whenever possible. Traffic to and from Montebello, Que. will be less hectic, the park won’t be as busy and of course you will be more likely to find a place to stay.

Off season is a great time to visit. Summer is the busiest time at the park, but Winter is when the wolves are most active and the snow makes the park looks absolutely stunning.

Did you know? the wolves are most active between 4-5 p.m. and 7-9 a.m. So be sure to be by your windows at those times to catch a glimpse!

What to pack for Parc Omega

  • Hiking boots or running shoes
  • Appropriate clothing for outdoor adventures
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Seasonal outdoor wear (i.e. winter hat or sun hat)
  • Binoculars
  • A small backpack to carry hiking gear
  • Healthy snacks for on-the-go
  • Sustainable toiletries
  • Ear plugs! The wolves are very active at night – you might hear howling while you’re sleeping!
  • Your camera!

Accommodation types at Parc Omega

How to book Parc Omega
Wolf Lodge at Parc Omega

Sleep with the wolves. Beyond your panoramic windows is the home of the wolves! Only 3 cabins in the entire park give you the opportunity to literally sleep with the wolves, so these cabins are the most sought after. They are also the most expensive option on-site, but well worth every penny. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live and sleep this close to these magnificent animals. We stayed in the chalet which sleeps 6 and has a full kitchen. We saw the wolves A LOT in this cabin (called “Taiga”).

How to Book Parc Omega
Wi-tent at Parc Omega – Photo courtesy of Parc Omega

Camp out! There are 5 different “camping” options at Parc Omega including a house on stilts, log cabins, tipis and wi-tents. These stays are right in the middle of the nature and wildlife that Parc Omega has to offer. Which one will you choose?

How to Book Parc Omega
A Pod at Parc Omega – Photo courtesy of Parc Omega

Pods. These tiny stays are perfect for two! They have everything required for a comfortable stay, and are located in a great spot with access to all that Parc Omega has going on. This is a really great way to stay at the park, see and do everything, and still stay on budget. 

Where to stay near Parc Omega

How to Book Parc Omega - Fairmont Montebello
Fairmont Montebello – Photo courtesy of

Is lodging at Parc Omega fully booked? Do you only want to visit the park for a day? Stay nearby at the Fairmont Montebello. The world’s largest log chalet, Fairmont Montebello is located on the Ottawa River in the heart of Montebello, Quebec. It opened in 1930 and since day one has been known for its rustic charm and beautiful surroundings.


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