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How to book the viral Parc Omega Wolf Lodge

A woman looking out a window at a wolf walking through the snow in Parc Omega wolf lodge

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The Parc Omega Wolf Lodge in Montebello, Quebec has become something of a viral sensation on social media. In fact, one of our own Instagram posts has garnered more than 65 million views, making it one of the top watched viral video on Instagram in 2022. You can watch it here.

The Parc Omega Wolf Lodge is a destination like none other in Canada, or maybe even the world. The opportunity to see one of natures most majestic creatures up close and personal (safely) doesn’t come around too often. So, this has led to an increase in bookings for Parc Omega over the last year. In particular, for the Parc Omega Wolf Lodge cabins. These are the cabins where you’re almost guaranteed to observe wolves in nature.

People often ask us how this is possible. Well, Parc Omega is a massive 2000 acre sanctuary for hundreds of animals from wolves to Caribou. The wolves are in a very large enclosure with a tall fence along the sides of the cabins so there is no possibility of human interaction. Instead, you observe the wolves from your cabin window. You will likely see them either walk, run, rest, or play. You will also hear them howling at night. In fact, sometimes they get curious and come up to the window.

Having trouble finding the booking page for the Parc Omega Wolf Lodge online? We can help.

If you’re looking to book a stay at the Parc Omega Wolf Lodge in Quebec, Canada, there are 3 different Wolf Lodge options to choose from and 2 new Wolf Chalets. Unfortunately you can’t book on any travel sites like Expedia. Instead, you need to book through the official Parc Omega Wolf Lodge website. Below we have provided the link to book any of their lodging options.

It’s important to note that when you book any of these chalets you also get free passes to the park to see the other animals.

You may find when you go to the booking page that they don’t have a lot of availability. However, don’t let that discourage you. Even if you only find 1 free night, don’t hesitate to book it. You can absolutely enjoy Parc Omega for one night. Another solution for you if you aren’t able to find accommodations at Parc Omega: you can still see the wolves during the day with a park pass. And instead, you can stay at The Fairmont Montebello only 5 minutes away. This unique resort has everything you need from a pool to outdoor hiking trails. 

P.S., If you’re planning to visit Parc Omega in the summer, you’ll want to also read our Summer Guide to Quebec City.

Parc Omega accommodation option 1: WOLF LODGE (576 square feet)

  • 1 queen bed and 1 double bed;
  • Slow burning fireplace (first bag of wood is provided);
  • Refrigerator;
  • Microwave oven;
  • Small oven;
  • Stove top (electric);
  • Nespresso coffee machine;
  • Dishes and utensils;
  • Bedding and towels included;
  • Bathroom with shower;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Covered terrace;
  • Outdoor fireplace

Parc Omega accommodation option 2: WOLF LODGE (1152 square feet)

  • 2 queen beds & 2 single beds;
  • Fully equipped kitchen;
  • Nespresso coffee machine;
  • Dishes, cutlery and accessories;
  • Bedding and towels included;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Covered patio;
  • Outdoor fireplace (the first bag of wood is provided);
  • Bathroom with shower.

Parc Omega accommodation option 3: WOLF LODGE (1362 square feet – the one we stayed in)

A woman looks out the of the Parc Omega wolf lodge window as a wolf walks by
Enjoying the view of the wolves at Parc Omega’s Wolf Lodge cabin

This accommodation is perfect for a stay with family or friends. Plus, this beautiful log cabin is our most spacious unit.

  • 2 queen beds & 2 single beds (bedding included);
  • Fully equipped kitchen;
  • Regular coffee machine and Nespresso coffee machine;
  • Dishes, cutlery and accessories;
  • Hair dryer;
  • Covered patio;
  • Outdoor fireplace (the first bag of wood is provided);
  • Bathroom with shower

Parc Omega accommodation option 4: WOLF CHALETS

The newest accommodations at Parc Omega, these modern chalets provide an immersive experience where you can see the wolves at many angles thank to the massive windows that overlook the wolf habitat. There are 2 chalets available; one that is 1400 square feet and one that is 1076 square feet. Both have a full kitchen and dining area, a lounge area with couches and outdoor fire pit. The larger wolf chalet as a second story balcony from one of the Queen rooms which overlooks the wolf habitat. As always, park admission is included with the booking.

Do you have more questions about Parc Omega Wolf Lodge? Check out our other post Everything You Need to Know About Parc Omega. Happy howling!

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