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Mexico Bachelorette Party Guide

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Looking to go somewhere hot, sunny, and fun for your bachelorette party? Look no further. Welcome to your ultimate Mexico bachelorette party guide for you, and your best gal pals! Let us help you do the planning so you can spend less time on your computer Googling, and more time celebrating. This Mexico bachelorette party guide has everything you need to know: where to stay, what to do, practical tips, what to pack, and even décor/outfit ideas.

But first, why Mexico? Well, If you are traveling from North America – it’s easy to get to. The flights aren’t overly expensive. Mexico hotels cater to groups. There are a lot of fun group activities. The food is amazing. The beaches are stunning. Need we stay more?

Where to Stay for a Mexico Bachelorette Party

Mexico Bachelorette Party Guide Where to Stay

Our number one pick for a Mexico Bachelorette Party is UNICO 20 87. UNICO 20 87 is a unique, boutique all-inclusive in the Mayan Riviera. It is the perfect resort for a bachelorette for these reasons:

  • UNICO 20 87 all-inclusive resort can easily accommodate large groups. 
  • UNICO 20 87 has bedrooms with two queen beds, ideal for two girls sharing a bedroom.
  • UNICO 20 87 has 5 onsite a la carte restaurants. This makes it easy to book reservations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with large groups. This eliminates the stress of having to book group reservations at various restaurants before your trip and HOPE they can accommodate your party size.
  • UNICO 20 87 has tons of on-site activities for a bachelorette party such as: large spa, massage and grooming services, LIVE DJ every Saturday at the pool, ocean access with beach chairs, yoga and fitness classes, fitness centre, onsite shopping, and private group picnics (extra cost).
  • UNICO 20 87 has a fun atmosphere for groups looking to celebrate. There is a lobby bar open nightly for drinks. It is always lively in the evenings. There is also a small nightclub with a DJ and bar that is open until 11pm. A great spot to end the night and show off your dance moves.
  • UNICO 20 87 is in a great location. They are approximately one hour from the airport – meaning less time spent in a car on your holiday. Places like Tulum, on the other hand, are over two hours from the airport!
  • UNICO 20 87 is surrounded by lots of exciting off-site activities (listed below in the “what to do in Mexico for a Bachelorette Party” section.

Getting to UNICO 20 87 is only a flight to Cancun Airport away. Many airports in Canada fly there daily. On a budget? Discount airlines like SWOOP fly to Cancun. Therefore, you are more likely to find flight deals.

What to Do in Mexico for a Bachelorette Party

Mexico Bachelorette Party Guide What to Do

The first step in planning a bachelorette party is selecting a hotel. Next up, planning the FUN. Here are 5 must-do activities for your Mexico bachelorette.

  • Visit a Cenote – or two – in the Mayan Riviera and Tulum regions. We recommend Cenote Cavelera. It is well maintained, has lounge chairs, outdoors showers, and is incredibly fun. It features a famous large hole you can jump into. Please remove sunscreens and body lotions in the outdoor showers before swimming. There are many other cenotes in the region. Check out our Tulum Guide for more cenote ideas. 
    Time commitment: 1-2 hours
    Price: $
  • Visit Azulik Uh May, a treehouse-inspired art gallery in the jungle. The architect incorporated living trees into the interior design so as not to cut them down. Located in the Tulum region. $20 USD entrance fee. Tip: Visit the onsite restaurant, Jungle Cuisine, to witness the most stunning gardens you have ever seen! Azulik Uh May is part of a larger project, which includes a hotel on Tulum Beach. You can book Azulik Hotel here. 
    Time commitment: 3 hours
    Price: $$
  • Snorkel or Scuba at Cozumel Reefs Marine Park. This activity requires a bit of planning but is worth it. This marine park has well preserved coral and marine life such as turtles, nurse sharks, lobster, grouper, puffer fish, and much more. Book your snorkel or scuba tour in advance with Scuba Life Cozumel. Take the Playa Del Carmen ferry to the island (roughly $25 USD round trip). Take a registered taxi (there is a taxi stand 5 minutes from the ferry dock) to Scuba Life Cozumel (approx. 10 minute drive). Once you arrive you will be fitted for a wetsuit. Then, you will hop on the boat and witness the most magical marine park you could ever imagine. If you’re lucky, you might stop at a remote beach for lunch in between dive sites.
    Time commitment: Full day (6 hours)
    Price: $$$
  • Have a night out in Tulum. It is a bachelorette party after all! Plan a fun night out for dancing and drinks. We booked a table in advance at Rosa Negra. It was very lively on a Saturday night. The perfect place to let loose with your gal pals. Rosa Negra is approximately an hour from UNICO 20 87. The hotel can organize a large van private transfer to and from the hotel.
    Time commitment: 3-4 hours
    Price: $$
  • Stand-up paddleboard at Sian Ka’an Biosphere. Do you and your friends want to experience some nature during the bachelorette party trip? Sian Kaan Biosphere is your spot. This UNESCO world heritage site is one of the largest protected areas in all of Mexico. There are tours about 30 minutes outside of Tulum where you can spend an afternoon floating down the river, visit a lagoon with “no filter needed” blue waters, and walk along a wooden boardwalk through the grassy fields of the wetlands. The most eco-friendly way to see the bioreserve is a paddle boarding tour with SUP YOGA TULUM. This way you don’t need to boat through the lagoons.
    Time commitment: 3-4 hours
    Price: $$

Practical Tips for Mexico Bachelorette Party

Mexico Bachelorette Party Guide What to Wear
  • Bring cash for tipping. Tipping is a part of Mexico tourism and very much appreciated. If you are from Canada we suggest bringing Mexican Peso’s because it is a much better exchange rate than the US dollar. We also brought USD to have options.
  • Book your airport transfers in advance.
  • Book your excursions in advance.
  • You don’t need a negative COVID test to enter Mexico. (Accurate as of May 1, 2022, please check online a week before your flight incase anything changes from the dating of publishing this article).
  • For Canadians: Fill out your ArriveCan app on the way home.

What to Pack for a Mexico Bachelorette Party

Mexico Bachelorette Party Guide What to Pack
  • Reusable bag – BYOB (bring your own bag) if you plan to shop at the local markets.
  • Biodegradable sunscreen. Conventional sunscreens can kill off coral and ruin clean cenote drinking water so opt for a reef-safe, 100% natural option instead.
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Matching outfits for fun photos with the bride (more on this in the next section)
  • Décor for the bachelorette’s hotel room
  • Aloe Vera (in case anyone forgets to put on sunscreen)
  • Ginger Gravol for anyone prone to nausea. Or, who had too much tequila 😉
  • Advil for anyone who forgot to drink enough water
  • Bathing suits and outfits for hot temperatures
  • Comfortable shoes and flip flops. If you plan to use the fitness centre, bring running shoes.
  • And of course the basics like phone, phone charger, passport, cash, pen to fill out customs form, ArriveCan app downloaded.

Décor/Outfit Ideas for a Mexico Bachelorette Party

Make your Mexico bachelorette party extra special with some hotel decorations, matching outfits, and matching accessories.

Mexico Bachelorette Party Guide What to Wear

Surprise the bride to be with these fun add-ons to her hotel room: 

  • Have a bottle of champagne ready in the hotel upon arrival
  • Bring custom reusable cups, wine glasses, or shot glasses with the brides name printed on it
  • Decorate the hotel room with paper streamers that can be recycled after
  • Overtop of the brides bed, place a “Bride to Be” pull flag

Note about decorations: We know that decorations can be quite wasteful so we suggest getting items than can be easily reused or recycled. Avoid disposable plastic and glitter.

Matching outfit ideas:

  • Bathing suits: Ask all the girls to bring black bathing suits and the bride can wear a white bathing suit. Bonus: everyone can wear matching sun hats or baseball caps for photos.
  • Matching wigs: this will get everyone on the resort talking. It’s also a great way to strike up conversations with just about everyone you pass.
  • Matching t-shirts: have the whole party wear a shirt that has the brides name on it, a funny slogan about marriage, or even a photo of the grooms face. Print Natural offers eco-friendly t-shirt printing options.

There you have it. Your Mexico bachelorette party is all planned. All you must do now is book and send the invites! Have we convinced you to have your bachelorette party in Mexico?

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Mexico Bachelorette Party Guide

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