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Saint Lucia Travel Guide

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Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island known for the Pitons mountains, incredible beaches, scuba diving, sulphur springs and some of the best resorts. We recently spent ten days at some of the best resorts in Saint Lucia, eating local fair and exploring the many cool things to do around the island. We couldn’t wait to share this luxury Saint Lucia travel guide with you!


Sugar Beach Viceroy. Overlooking Pitons Bay, this luxury resort is known for its incredible views of the Pitons mountains. Great for couples or families, the luxury Sugar Beach Viceroy is one of the best resorts in Saint Lucia. With six restaurants on-site you’ll have plenty to choose from, with views of the rainforest, beach and mountains to choose from!

Rabot Hotel. If you’re looking for the best eco-luxury resort in Saint Lucia, be sure to check out the Rabot Hotel, which is situated on a cacao farm with incredible views of the Pitons. This resort, also known as “the chocolate hotel”, was designed with couples in mind, so if you’re looking for a romantic getaway you’ll love it here. And while you’re there, explore the cacao farm and try the “tree to bar” chocolate experience!

Image courtesy of Stonefield Resort

Stonefield Resort. Locally and female-owned, the Stonefield Resort offers stunning views of the Pitons and an amazing on-site restaurant. This is one of the best Saint Lucia hotels for an adults-only experience.


BodyHoliday. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive wellness holiday in Saint Lucia, BodyHoliday is the best resort and feels like summer camp for adults. Locally owned, this wellness-centered resort is perfect for solo travel, girls trips and even guys getaways. There is so much to do there, including a wellness clinic, spa, private yoga and six restaurants. It also has the most beautiful beachfront, and one daily spa service is included with your stay!


Hike the Tet Paul Nature Trail. An easy loop, this 1 km trail is a popular running and walking trail offering incredible views of the mountains and water.

Visit Piton Falls. There are many waterfalls in Saint Lucia but this one is nice because it’s easily accessible. A quick hike brings you to three warm baths and the Piton waterfall. It’s such a nice way to relax and rejuvenate.

Take a clear kayak through the Pitons. If you love the sea but aren’t into diving, take a clear bottom kayak between the Pitons to see the diverse ecosystems above and below you. 

Whale and dolphin watching tour

Take a dolphin and whale watching tour. Guides know all of the secret spots that whales and dolphins are typically spotted. Book a tour and explore the beautiful Caribbean water and catch whales and dolphins splashing around!

Go scuba diving. There are many amazing spots to go diving in Saint Lucia but our personal favourite is the Anse La Raye Wall dive site. It has a stunning sloping wall with many different types of fish and coral living beneath.

Image courtesy of Sulphur Springs Saint Lucia

Take a mud bath in Sulphur Springs. Sulphuric mud is known to detox the body, heal sunburns, soothe eczema, arthritis and sore joints/muscles, help clear acne, and more. Take a tour and drive through a volcano into a truly unique sulphuric mud bath experience.

Cacao picnic at The Rabot Hotel

Have a Private Picnic at The Rabot Hotel. This is such a fun experience for couples and friends. Set up amidst the cacao fields, with beautiful views and amazing food. We had the best time during this experience!

Take the Tree to Bar chocolate making tour. At the Rabot Hotel (on a cacao farm), this truly unique experience allows you to see how cacao is grown, harvested and then turned into your favourite treat – chocolate! Hotel guests get a Tree to Bar tour included in their stay.


I-TAL private dining experience

I-TAL private dining experience. This BodyHoliday experience teaches dining guests the true meaning of farm-to-table. Using ingredients grown on-site, guests are taught to prepare organic meals and then enjoy their own creations!

Mango Tree Restaurant. Located at Stonefield Resort, this locally-owned restaurant has the best sunset views.

Saltwood Restaurant at Sugar Beach Viceroy

Viceroy restaurants. With two restaurants inside Sugar Beach Viceroy, Saltwood and Bonte restaurants are chic and inviting. They both offer incredible views of the Pitons or the beach.

Rabot Hotel private floating breakfast experience

Rabot Restaurant. Inspired by cacao (grown on-site), this is a true foodie’s dream, with dishes containing cacao in savoury and sweet ways. Be sure to try the Cacao Bellini.

Dasheene. Inside the Ladera Hotel, Dasheene is an award-winning Caribbean restaurant showcasing produce grown at local farms and plantations.

Fon Deux restaurants. This eco resort offers two incredible dining experiences; The Creole Pot, an authentic Saint Lucian restaurant, and Bamboo, a Caribbean-Saint Lucian fusion restaurant.


Saint Lucians drive on the left side of the road, and the roads are very windy. We don’t recommend driving in Saint Lucia but instead we suggest using taxis and shuttles. We booked our rides with SAINT LUCIA SHUTTLE.

Walking is not ideal in Saint Lucia as there are many hills and the roads are very windy. Roads aren’t safe to walk along since there aren’t many sidewalks. Use taxis to get from point a to point b, they are fairly priced and easy to find.

Book private or group shuttles from the airport to your hotel ahead of time!

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  • Bug repellant 
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Wide brim hat
  • Nausea pills for drives and boat rides 
  • Bathing suits (one dark one for the sulfur springs experience – the mud may stain light swim material)
  • Water shoes
  • Snorkel and goggles 
  • Hiking shoes/clothes
  • Loose light clothes, ideally with SPF protection (the sun is VERY hot in Saint Lucia)
  • Binoculars 
  • Camera

Before you go, check out our ULTIMATE ECO TRAVEL PACKING CHECKLIST: BEACH EDITION and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything!

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